Tiffany Farley

Maine Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photographer

Tiffany Farley is a maternity, newborn, and family portrait photographer in Yarmouth, Kennebunkport, and Bar Harbor Maine and available for worldwide travel. She specializes in photographing the deep connection between mothers and their children, creating classic, timeless, black and white portraits using digital and medium format analog film. She often photographs in the surrounding areas of Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Kennebunkport, Falmouth, Camden and Northeast Harbor Maine. 

The Sales Guide

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The Sales Guide

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The Sales Guide is a 25 page guide, and is delivered as an automatic digital download following your purchase. 


When I went full-time with my portrait business, I knew that generating enough income to do so was my biggest obstacle to overcome.


  • You need a studio to be successful.
  • Large sales will never happen unless you conduct them in-person. 
  • You have to run numerous holiday promotions per year to get by.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things. In fact, I personally know many portrait photographers who are ROCKING those methods. But what if having a studio isn’t the best fit for you? What about traveling and working with non-local clients? Would they receive a different client experience? What about the portrait photographer who is also a Mom, and desires as much time at home with her own babies as possible? What if coming up with numerous holiday promotions and mini session marathons, are far from the brand and business you dream of?

The Sales Guide spills all my best secrets about product sales for the photographer who hates the thought of being “salesy”. It’s a compilation of my trials and discoveries, and how I learned to improve my sales methods to not only fit my own needs, but most importantly, the needs of my clients. The guide also details an entire FAQ section, where I answer very specific questions regarding my own personal sales process! 

The Sales Guide shares how selling prints and products has helped me build a more sustainable, profitable business, and how I created a system that works for both me and the families I work with. 

The Sales Guide was created for the Portrait Photographer Who: 

• Desires to sell prints and products- but the entire concept just feels overwhelming and intimidating- and you don’t know where to begin. 

• Is transitioning from weddings- or who WOULD transition from weddings if you knew you could make a full-time income by photographing the portraits that you really love.

• Who feels unsatisfied when a client walks away with only digital files- both from a financial and artistic standpoint. 

• Who needs to make greater income in your business, while still keeping a good relationship with the clients you worked hard to attract.

• Who is desiring a way for sales to be part of your overall client experience. 

• Who wants to confidently believe that your time, talents, and efforts are valuable as a business owner. 


The Sales Guide will encourage you on your journey to find the sales model that works for both you and your profit margins. 


**This is not a pricing guide, nor does it include content on how to specifically price your photography services, as I believe pricing is unique to each individual business owner. I do however share my own personal considerations that I take into account when I create my own pricing, that helps to make my own sales method successful. 

**Please be respectful of the time and hard work it took to create this guide. Sharing reproduced copies, in full or in portion, with those who have not purchased this guide is not permitted. 

**I have done my best to be clear and descriptive in what this purchase includes. Because this is a Digital Product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL and there are no refunds or exchanges. It is important to carefully read and understand all the information above before purchasing. 

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